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Find A Business Buddy For Love, Support, And A Kick In The Arse

Find A Business Buddy for Love, Support, and a Kick in the Arse

Building a business isn’t for the faint of heart. You work hours you didn’t even know existed, learn how to be productive while your family shouts and laughs three feet away, because the few hours you have to spend with them and devote to your business are one and the same. And you lie awake at night trying to figure out how you’re going to figure it all out. It’s a rough gig and we need to connect with people who get it and us.

Is there anybody out there?

We weather a lot to chase these crazy dreams. But something we don’t see coming is the loneliness. Not that you don’t have great friends and a loving family, but working day in and out on your passion project can be isolating. We’ve had women in the MILK community tell us that they can go all day without having a conversation with an adult. Or having a conversation at all. Not everyone understands what that’s really like, and most don’t really want to hear about it (or at least that’s what we assume, so we just deal with the feelings on our own). But what if we had someone we could reach out to who’s in the same situation? Someone who’s feeling it, too. It would make a world of difference, right? To make a connection with someone like you. Someone you can reach out to when you need to vent, or when you just want to say hello.

A friend will hold you to it.

Then there’s the other scenario involving those of us who need accountability and deadlines to get anything done. Forget to feed the kid? The kid starves. Consequences keep us sharp. Even if the consequence is just having a disappointed friend, because that’s enough for most of us to snap to it. Having someone you care about counting on you can mean the difference between browsing bras on Amazon all night and spending a couple hours being productive. So build something with a buddy, or just find someone who holds you accountable and who will be genuinely disappointed if you don’t come through. Because letting ourselves down is much easier than leaving a friend in a lurch.  

Get some (new) perspective.

For me personally, collaboration always gives way to my best work. But even if you prefer going at it alone most of the time, occasionally, you just need a second opinion. Maybe you’ve hit a block and need a fresh set of eyes to help you navigate around it. Or maybe your great idea can be even greater when your buddy chimes in with that angle you hadn’t thought of. The point is, we’re all operating from a unique point of view, and can offer insight that can spark a breakthrough. And truthfully, brainstorming with a friend (or several!) is such a life-affirming experience, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to do it every time you’re kicking around an idea.    

Find love when you need it most.

Life and business can be rough. We navigate so many ups, downs, and in-betweens—even the strongest, most resilient woman can feel like she’s struggling hard. Maybe not every day, but definitely some days. Whether we’re seeking advice or just a calming voice, friends get us through. And no one can lift you up like a friend who’s been there. Who is there. There’s something about swapping war stories and showing your scars to someone who totally gets it that makes all the difference. So find a friend to be your light when you need it. And then return the favor when they need you.

MILK is all about bringing like-minded friends together.

The MILK community was built with one goal in mind: To give business-building women a place to connect with each other. Not with some guru/expert/whatever who wants to sell them big promises and advice (doled out only to those who pony up). But to real women in the trenches just like you (and us!) who can offer that much-needed perspective, or just make you feel heard and like you’re a part of something bigger.

So join us! Our community forum is launching soon and we hope you’ll be a part of it. We’re loading it with features to make connecting with your people easier, and providing better ways to organize groups and topics so you can find who and what you’re looking for. It’s going to be a game changer, but we can’t do it without you! So get plugged in and let’s do this.

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