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This isn’t the first online community created to support women in business—not by a mile. But when we started looking for a place to hang out and actually learn what it takes, we struggled to find something real.  

Others might tell you what it means to “make it” as a female entrepreneur, and you can bet they’re using the same glossy photos, the same buzzwords (#bossbabe, #goaldigger, #fempreneur), and the same shade of power pink.

We do not relate. And we’re bored by the notion that success looks the same to every girl who chases it.

We built MILK to lift up the creatives, the weirdos, the average Janes, the tattooed alt-moms. Our hearts beat for the one-of-a-kind women who dare to be themselves, the ones who don’t always fit in or know exactly what to say, the isolated or misunderstood. Basically, all the women who are freaking terrified to take the leap, but who do it anyway (usually in jeans and a T-shirt).

These are the stories we want to tell. Because we’ve experienced the fear of not being enough. Of wanting more, but not really knowing how to get it.

In a world telling us who to be and how to dream, being real is a rebellious act. We rebels can pool our smarts, show each other the ropes, and share encouragement that helps us reach new levels of badassery. It’s all for one and one for all.

So what do you say? Wanna hang out?


Connect with us @milkcommunity.

Noelle Ihli

She’s a feminist, a screen printer, mom of two boys, and a writer. Her ultimate fantasy would be riding a black stallion through a field of wildflowers while eating a…

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Dalia Griffith

She’s been writing since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and still believes that words rule the world. When she’s not pondering a computer screen, she’s looking after her menagerie, doing taekwondo…

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Amanda Warner

She’s a writer by trade, woodworker when she can steal the time, proud wife to the baddest Air Force pilot in town, and “keeper of the milk” to two little…

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Julie Hahn

Julie Hahn is a writer who loves woo-woo crystal shops, cabins, and skincare samples. She lives in Idaho with her bearded husband, two little dogs, and two ornery chickens. She…

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